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​​​Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt psychotherapy can be seen as a philosophy of life as well as offering a set of tools to support personal change. In the West, we have a tendency to separate the body, mind and spirit, whereas in Eastern philosophy, these are considered part of the whole. Gestalt therapy combines both philosophies into one integrated approach. 

In Gestalt, we use our awareness to encourage insight and acceptance of who we are - which is essential for change, and the development of our potential as loved and living beings. Well-being involves an ongoing creative adjustment between the world and ourselves. The more fully we are aware of ourselves in the world, the better we are able to respond creatively to our situation and find satisfaction in living.

We do this by looking at the way we are living now and exploring how we have developed fixed patterns of behaviour, which often leave us dissatisfied, uncomfortable and ill at ease. By emphasising "how" we behave rather than "why", Gestalt offers the opportunity, moment by moment, to experiment with doing things differently, emphasising quality of contact with self and others. 

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