This will be a hands-on introduction to working with vocally produced difference tones to nullify pain sensation of most any kind in the body. Combining the use of harmonic toning to produce difference tones that entrain brainwaves we will explore this phenomenon by pressing into the body at specific areas (called “trigger points”) This approach was created in the late 1980’s by Frank Bosco, a neuro-muscular technique practitioner since 1980. The pressing techniques for this class will be safe, relatively painless, very relaxing for both people who choose to work together, and legal under Frank Bosco’s massage license.                       


The Elemental Nature of Music and Sound​​  
This class serves as an introduction to Frank Bosco’s Elemental Music Alignment (EMA) work. It involves a simple understanding and application of the Ayurvedic five element theory and its relation to music and sound for therapy. Through various interactive processes we will explore how the nature elements relate to musical elements. Guidance and suggestions on how to assess a person’s elemental state and how use music to balance these elements will be presented and explored.                                    

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Upcoming Classes and Workshops

​​​​​​​​​Cymatics: the science of the shapes created by sound.
Come and learn about this amazing and beautiful phenomenon and it’s profound indications. Videos of Peter Guy Manners discussing and presenting some of Hans Jenny’s original recordings will be watched and discussed.

Drum  Dialoguing

Here I will present my approach to doing gestalt therapy using percussion to serve as a voice or part of a voice in the standard types of experimental exchanges we refer to at the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. This is the original gestalt institute born here in NYC in 1952. My roots in this institute came from seeds planted by my music therapy mentor Chuck Nance in the late 1970s. I have been a very active member of this institute since they held a meeting at my music therapy center in the mid-90’s.Various aspects of this drum dialoguing approach will be demonstrated and practiced by all participants. The most pertinent topics of gestalt theory will be presented to support this teaching with options to go into further study in the future.

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Sound and Healing with Music

Sound  Health  Institute

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              Improving life, Relationships, Knowledge and Understanding.

Music Therapy Supervision Group
With Judi Rubin-Bosco
36 West 25th Street 10th Floor, NYC


In this 10-week session we will be exploring a mindfulness approach to best practice and self care.  Learn new ways to pay attention to what is happening in your clinical work and personal life.
Through weekly clinical examples and presentations, active music making, readings and weekly activities you will develop a deeper sense of calm & focus and tools to take into your practice and everyday life.

To reserve your place call Judi 646-325-6910 or email

Tuning Forks

John Beaulieu taught us about Tuning Forks in the early 1980s and soon after that he and Judi Rubin-Bosco and myself incorporate the class into a class we called the “Attunement Weekend”. Tuning forks work well to strongly effect the nervous system when used properly. Due to the subtlety and purity of tone (especially with steel forks) the sound that is heard at very close range encourages the listener to receive the sound in a very direct manner. This supports the subtler effects of the various intervals offered in accordance with Ayurvedic or other esoteric theories. For a purely musically based experience, the acoustic qualities of the tuning forks as they are faded in and out of the hearing range provides a heightened listening experience which again, maximizes the effect of the composition. In this workshop techniques, theory and ample experiences will be presented and enjoyed.

Toning techniques in music therapy

This class will feature ways of creating sound vocally to support a healing resonance in one’s own body as well as projecting sound outward to help and heal others. Beginning with the original work by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes spelled out in her book, “Toning: the creative power of the voice” this class will offer guidance and techniques for exploring a wide range of vibratory stimulation throughout the body. The class will include the practice of healing techniques as well as several creative toning processes including an introduction to overtone singing techniques.

​Difference tones and the brain.

In this workshop you will learn all about brain waves and how to alter them using sound. Vocal techniques, tuning forks, all tunable instruments, and various binaural recordings will all be explored for this purpose. These techniques can be used with virtually any population and have wide-ranging effects. Clinical applications will be discussed and presented.