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New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy Event Series
Feeling the Fixed Gestalt That Trauma Is!
Frank Bosco

Sunday, January 12, 2020
2:00 -5:00

244 West 54th Street (btwn Broadway & 8th Avenue)
12thfloor (Shetler 1)

Please RSVP: nyigtevents@gmail.com

Trauma is a multifaceted phenomenon. It occurs when some personal boundary of the body/mind is overwhelmed and impacted by some change in the field and then remains in some way — a fixed gestalt! When known and understandable methods of control are either not utilized or not available in the moment of this overwhelming circumstance/situation and we are unable to maintain a sense of comfort/safety, this loss of control alters one’s personal boundary. If this alteration remains fixed and is deemed to be a negative and somewhat persistent experience, we call it trauma.

With such traumatic events come the physiological events that are hardwired into our genetic design so as to help us manage the experiences in the moment. From these experiences, we learn what to fear and how to react to things we encounter in the future so as to avoid and/or replicate the same kind of experiences. Avoidant behavior or replications of the same reactive behaviors, both without significant nuances to alter the experiences, leaves us stuck in a fixed gestalt loop.  

Making sense of this traumatic process involves isolating and then appropriately reintegrating all of the given elements of the experiences. A Gestalt therapist is especially well positioned to work with these elements, as we can give voice to each of them as parts of the self that require support to be in healthy contact with each other part. The key here is to understand what needs to be addressed in these experiments and that is what this presentation will be about.

Frank Bosco, MA, BC-MT, LCAT, LMT, RPP, SEP, is a body-oriented music psychotherapist and currently the president of NYIGT. He began working with Gestalt principles in music psychotherapy in the late 1970s in various hospital settings while studying at NYU. At the same time, he got a license in massage therapy and began exploring various approaches to body-oriented psychotherapy, such as the work of Wilhelm Reich and neo-Reichians like Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics) and later Stanley Keleman. Throughout the 1980s, he worked in private practice, where he began incorporating and then later teaching East/West philosophies and practices along with Ericksonian hypnosis in an eclectic therapy approach called Polarity Therapy. In the mid-1990s, he began studying Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing approach to trauma in the first New York–based training and was impressed by how much this new approach employed theories and practices that were consistent with those of Gestalt therapy.

Frank has been teaching and leading music therapy groups at NYU since 1990 and elsewhere since 1981. He has had a mind/body and music therapy center (Sound Health Studio) in New York City since 1990. He has a handful of chapters related to pain, trauma, and Gestalt in music therapy, one of which has been republished in the book The New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy in the 21st Century.

​   Vibrational Healing with Tuning Forks    

Introductory Training for Self-Care and Professionals

Judi Rubin-Bosco & Frank Bosco


​Tuning Forks are unique tools for balancing the human energy system, strongly affecting the nervous system in both general and specific ways. Participants in this workshop will utilize the healing power of tuning forks, including everything from audible to etheric techniques and general vibrational to specific point work (acupuncture and trigger points). The subtlety and purity of sound that these instruments produce allow them to be simply incorporated into most any human service or practice where a greater sense of calm and energetic/emotional balance would be desired.

Topics and techniques we will address are:

*How tuning forks can be used to affect the nervous system and to entrain brain waves
*Important musical concepts (e.g. intervals, over-tones, difference tones, resonance, etc.) and explanation of      vibrational healing
*How to play these tones for yourself and others
*Relaxation, meditation, and Ayurvedic 5 element balancing
*Aura healing; verbal guidance for greater receptivity; vocalizing with tuning forks (which ones to use and for what purpose); what movements to use—why and when

Note: A certificate of attendance will be provided upon completion.

You are required to purchase a set of 8 aluminum forks. No previous experience is necessary.

The class will be self-contained/experiential with demo/practice enough for anyone to benefit both personally and professionally.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sound Health Collective


Nord Anglia International School -44 East 2nd Street - NYC - Room 501​​


Sound Bath Evening      Facilitator: Katie Down
Monthly gatherings
For more info go to minfulmusictherapy.com​


Pain Management with Music    Instructor: Frank Bosco 

TBA       Cost: $150

This approach is all about using Active listening to music--like a meditation-- in order to redirect one’s focus with regards to bodily sensations in the interest of minimizing or eliminating pain. I began developing this approach in the late 70’s to manage pain due to dental surgery. I soon realized how to do this even with the most extreme degree of sensation using music instead of any kind of anesthetic.  Now, for many years I have been experiencing such procedures without stress or pain nor any kind of drug. I have used only music to get me through a number of root canal operations without pain, but rather, a pleasant musical experience.

Although I don’t expect people to follow in my footsteps with regards to doing dental music experiments I do offer this technique as a way of dealing with pain that is unavoidable whether it be sudden or chronic. The point I stress is to be able to choose to not be in pain when it is not necessary. Pain that has served its purpose by alerting us to something that requires our attention for our continued safety or well-being, is generally no longer needed or desired. So for that purpose I offer this class.


Saturday Night Jam

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